BSides Roanoke 2023 is thrilled to announce an impressive lineup of speakers, including industry leaders and experts from various fields in cybersecurity and beyond.

Larry Whiteside Jr.

Title: Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), RegScale, Tysons, Va.

Talk: Shifting Left has Left Something Behind

Rob Perry

Rob Perry Pic

Title: Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Carilion Clinic, Roanoke, Va.

Talk: Brace for Impact: Navigating the Impact of Space Weather on the Power Grid and IT Infrastructure

Kennedy Toomey

Title: Senior Application Security Engineer, WillowTree, Charlottesville, Va.

Talk: Fighting Imposter Syndrome with your Authentic Self

Logan Diomedi

Title: Senior Offensive Security Consultant, Depth Security, Kansas City, Mo.

Talk: Easy Wins for Penetration Testing and Privilege Escalation Vectors for Defenders using ADCS

Brian Maloney

Title: Security Leader, Security Data Engineering, Benchling, Blacksburg, Va.

Talk: Modern Security Data: A Match Made in the Cloud

Jeff Hoge

Title: Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, Echelon Risk + Cyber, Winston-Salem, NC.

Talk: Instituting a Boredom-Free Cyber Awareness Culture

Aaron McPhall

(We are getting Aarons’s Picture)

Talk: Gaming Knowledge Management

Ben Eldrich

Workshop: Wireless Insecurity: Breaking the Barrier to Entry

Workshop Synopsis: Interested in the realm of wireless security? Set your interfaces to monitor mode and join us as we showcase just how easy it can be to break into an access point. This workshop will include step-by-step guidance on cracking a WEP key, bruteforcing WPS pins and uncovering a WPA2 authentication passphrase. Three separate access points will be provided to showcase important security measures and how to defend against attacks. Bring your laptop and Kali to partake in the learning!

Tom Weeks

Title: Director of Future Technology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.

Workshop: Unlock the Airwaves: Discovering and Decoding Wireless Messages with Software Defined Radios

Workshop Synopsis: Want to know what all the SDR (Software Defined Radio) buzz is about? Want to lay your hands on a basic $35 SDR kit you can get off Amazon before shelling out a couple hundred bucks for the premo kit? Bring a laptop and power supply to my workshop, we’ll hand you a SDR kit and you can be sniffing the waves in no time. Oh, and if you sniff out the secret data we’re transmitting, you’ll also get major points toward the Capture the Flag that the Cyber Range is running all day.

Wally Prather

(We are getting Wally’s Picture)

Workshop: Turning Data Into Intelligence / Intelligence from Data Dumps

Workshop Synopsis: This workshop teaches the attendee the basics of network intelligence analysis and gives considerations for developing “Cleaner” visuals. This workshop will focus on both people, indicators of compromise, and a technique known as master merging.

In this workshop we will focus on data dumps and show how advanced analytical methodologies can be applied. We will cover the intelligence cycle and how you can modify it to suit your needs, indexing raw data, creating templates, production, social network analysis, and master merging.

There are no systems that are inherently required but the workshop leader will be using I2 Analyst V 9.1.2. Other programs that are free and can be utilized are,,,,,, Excel, PowerPoint, and/or